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Thank you for considering a bequest to Food Bank of the Rockies. With your gift, you will ensure the future strength of our community by nourishing people experiencing food insecurity in the years to come.

A charitable bequest is a good choice for you if you would like to support Food Bank of the Rockies in the future, while:

  • Making sure you do not outlive your financial assets
  • Providing for loved ones
  • Creating a tax-smart plan for distributing your assets to beneficiaries
  • Maintaining the flexibility to change your plans at any time

Understanding Bequests
You may make a bequest to Food Bank of the Rockies for a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. Specific bequests name a dollar amount or asset (such as securities or real estate) that you wish to donate, while residuary bequests give all or a portion of the remainder of your estate after payment of specific bequests and any expenses.

You have the option to designate your bequest toward the area of greatest impact at the time the gift is received, or restrict its use to a specific purpose. To ensure that we will be able to honor your intent, we encourage you to contact our office of planned giving at 720-715-7724 or before writing a will or trust provision that includes any type of restriction on a bequest or other planned gift.

Sample Bequest Language
As you and your attorney write or revise your will or living trust document, you may consider the following sample language:

For an unrestricted bequest:
I give and bequeath to Food Bank of the Rockies, a not-for-profit corporation located at 10700 E. 45th Avenue, Denver, CO 80239, whose federal tax ID is 84-0772672, [description of specific amount, specific asset, or percentage of residuary estate] to support its charitable mission and purpose.

For a restricted bequest:
Please contact us to create a statement of intent that will guide the use of your gift at the time it is realized. We will work with you to create language that ensures we will be able to honor your intent to support a specific geographic or programmatic area.

Please note that in the absence of specific instructions regarding your intent, your gift will be designated toward the area of greatest impact, as determined by Food Bank of the Rockies leadership and Board of Trustees, at the time it is received.

We would like to thank you!
If you have already included Food Bank of the Rockies in your plans with a bequest, beneficiary designation, or other planned gift, please let us know so that we can welcome you as a member of the Heirloom Circle.
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Food Bank of the Rockies does not provide legal counsel or tax advice. Please seek the assistance of a licensed attorney, tax advisor, or financial advisor to ensure your gift fits your specific circumstances.


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